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Celebrity Men Share Cosmetics Product tips

Once they become a male celebrity the pressure is on to maintain a certain standard of appearance. not only are they followed for their show biz persona’s these celebrity men share cosmetic product tips with their fans and followers.

The top celebrities look good because they work at keeping their skin in top condition. By using the following methods they ensure they look at their best at all times. It is true that they have a large staff of experts ensuring proper skin care these are some of the hints given out by current stars.

Laz AlonsoNBC’s “Infamous” star Laz Alonso takes his personal skin care very seriously. He has no problem sharing the products he uses with the world. He is a great fan of Guinol’s cleanser Nattoyant Visage which he finds is the best way of dealing with his naturally oily skin. His moisturizer is manufactured by Kiehls and is their moisturizer called Ultra Facial and as an aid to cleansing he uses Men Deep Cleansing Scrub which is supplied by Shiseido and feel s that this combination ensures his skin is always in the best condition.

Eczema sufferers would be well advised to use Comfort Zones man’s Space in the opinion of the singer Mario.

As you would expect funny man Kevin Hart whose quote “your face is your money” pays great attention not only to his skin using crema de la mar moisturizer but also keeps looking his best whilst on his travels by using their La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Hosea ChanchezB E T’s star Hosea Chanchez who plays Malik in “The Game” is a fan of moisturizing his body straight after showering using Neutrogena body oil to lock in the moisturizing ability of this cosmetic application. make sure that moisturizer is applied before drying yourself to achieve the best results.

They have given us pointers to achieve star quality looks using the stars favorite methods for that famous look.

1] Use experts on a regular basis, have a trained professional to give you a monthly facial and follow their advice on the actual needs of your skin. Use their knowledge and plan your regime using their advice.

2] Use the right product in the part of the body it was designed for. Body lotions are not facial moisturizers, they contain ingredients that are far too harsh for your face but are fine for your back. using these in the wrong application could actually harm your skin and cause irritation.

3]Make sure that you have a regular exfoliation program, clean shaven men should carry out this procedure at leas every other day, bearded men should still carry out this procedure, if not as often.

Whilst these tips won’t make you a star they could make you look more like one.