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Natural Mud Soap For Spa Effect

I received this Minus 417 Dead Sea Mud Soap from my husband for my birthday and I was excited to try it out. He knows that I adore the Minus 417 line because their products are natural and they always make my skin feel great and I feel so pampered when I use them. I really like the dead sea mud soap, it helps restore my skin to the natural moisture level, to repair all the damage that has been inflicted over the years. Being in the sun has made my skin so dry and flaky, I really needed something that would help to remedy that and restore the moisture.

black mud soap

That is exactly what I found with the Minus 417 soap, which uses natural ingredients and minerals in order to help promote the healthiest complexion and beauty for your body. I am really eager to try out a variety of their other products because I have had such success already. I like to pair this soap with their day cream and other cleansers, I feel like the combination is a really great approach to take care of my skin. I would recommend this soap to anyone pretty much, I feel it is a lot safer and less full of harmful chemicals than other cheap soaps on the market that people often opt for.

Sunburn Tips

Sunburn TipsOutdoor recreation is supposed to be a fun time. However, too much of a good thing can be harmful, sometimes that fun in the sun can turn into a nasty sunburn. A simple soothing tip is to apply shaving gel on the burn. The gel won’t rub in like lotion, but it does contain the same ingredients – eucalyptus, aloe, and menthol – that is in all those sunburn products sold at the store. Shaving gel is cheaper and will cool, soothe and reduce itchiness.There are other ways to treat sunburn. Most of the aloe gels have Lidocaine in them. Lidocaine is basically an anesthetic used to numb the burn. Sensitive people do not respond well to gels with Lidocaine. Then there is Bensocaine; studies say that this chemical does strange things to blood-oxygen levels. Fortunately, most companies have decided to remove Bensocaine from their gel products.The first thing you should do when you know you have a sunburn is to take some aspirin or ibuprofen. These will help with pain and inflammation. Then try the shaving gel. Another good non-chemical option that helps stop the itching is wet oatmeal – just make into the consistency of thick paste and put it on your sunburn. Leave it until it dries, then take a cool shower to wash it all off. Camphor will help your skin cool down, and chamomile tea works wonders as a natural anti-inflammatory. Most moisturizing creams contain these ingredients. When you get a sunburn you have damaged your skin; you have also dried it out. Use any lotion that is alcohol free (which will burn your burned skin even worse) and apply often to keep your skin moisturized. With care and time your skin will soon be back to normal.

Minus 417 Aromatic Body Peeling – Kiwi & Mango


minus 417 peeling kiwi mangoThe Minus 417 Aromatic Body Peeling is a gentle way to rejuvenate your skin. The Kiwi and Mango peel has a light scent that will help take you away to a tropical paradise. As you help your skin, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed.

The Aromatic Body Peeling is based on microscopic grains of Dead Sea salt. This salt is well known for its rejuvenating properties. The peel uses the Dead Sea salts to help you exfoliate the dead skin on your body, allowing the more lively skin cells to thrive. This helps to encourage healthy, silky skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Horse chestnut, an extract known for its great toning properties, has also been included in this cleansing formula. This helps to promote healthy, younger-looking skin. You’ll also be able to get an even look to your skin, improving its overall appearance.

This great peel offers thorough cleansing action, making it the perfect choice for anyone trying to improve the condition of their skin. Your skin could look younger and fresher with the help of Minus 417 Aromatic Body Peeling.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Skin

body  treatmentWhen we think about the tropics, we immediately think about the coconut. But did you know that the coconut and its oils, have benefits for your skin?  Use the  oil of the coconut for a great massage, that is soothing, with the great smell of the coconut.  And mix with sugar, to create a scrub, that can be used in the best spas.  Also, the coconut, allows you to stay in the sun longer, without experiencing sunburn.  Other uses for the coconut are that it can be a natural chap stick, for putting moisture back into your lips. Also, use as a nighttime facial, for leaving your skin, feeling and looking its best. The coconut oil also helps stretch marks after being pregnant, can be used as a basic lotion, and  as a cream, that is gentle enough to be rubbed on baby’s bottom.

There are so many benefits for coconut oil on the skin. Because it is natural and the oils of coconut, carry so many nutrients, rubbing it on your skin, will not only leave you moisturized, but leave you with key nutrients in the skin, that are needed to make it healthy.  Your skin will  glow with the benefits that are offered by coconut oil.  And because it is a natural base, there are no leftover masks, that may be harmful to your skin. The benefits of coconut oil for your skin are endless.  So try coconut oil for your skin, the next time you think about picking up a bottle of lotion, from a high end store.  You will fall in love with the coconut and its oils, as you find new and varying ways, to benefit your skin, with coconut oil.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

celluliteWhen you are trying to get rid of cellulite, make sure and see the reviews of which creams work best. Using a great cream, is one way of getting rid of cellulite. Make sure the cellulite cream, has cellulite fighting ingredients, like vitamin C, glaucine, vitamin E, aloe vera and coenzyme A, just to name a few.  These ingredients, not only work hard to remove cellulite, but improve the quality of your skin as well.

Exercising is another way to remove cellulite. Remember to focus on excercises, that will strengthen the area where the cellulite is forming.  Typically around the waist area and thighs are high cellulite areas, so focus on exercising these areas regularly.  Also, ask a personal trainer, to see how to get the skin toned and fit in those areas and excercise as instructed, to help in eliminating cellulite.

There are some creams, that not only get rid of cellulite, but keep the cellulite from coming back.  This is considered a miracle by many.  Between creams and treatments for cellulite, as well as exercising to keep your skin firm, stay positive about your skin treatment and do it daily to show positive results, that others will notice.