Sea of Spa Black Pearl Luxury Body Cream

Black Pearl Powder
“Sea of Spa” has created a line of cosmetics using Black Pearl Powder. Black pearl powder contains nearly twenty amino acids and a range of minerals such as Zinc titanium and selaenium. Combined with seaweed which provides a range of vitamins and proteins, these cosmetics are designed to reduce the effects of aging.

Luxury Body Cream
The emphasis here is on luxury.This combination of the seaweed and pearl powder has been used to create a nourishing cream for the whole body which helps soften and smooth the skin to leave it glowing. Use circular motions to apply the cream from the neck. Make sure it is absorbed fully. It can be used throughout the day and evening whenever you need it. Unlike other body creams this product will not leave a greasy feel to your skin you will enjoy the smooth feel that it brings to all areas of your body. Suitable for all skin types.