Homemade Hair Treatments


People spend billions of dollars on hair treatments, that often times, offer little, if any benefits.  Hair treatments need to be able to make your hair grow, with a shine that only comes when you have healthy hair. Going to a high end salon, does not guarantee, that the hair treatments, used, will be the best for your hair. Have you ever given thought to making your own hair treatments?  These can be just as beneficial, and sometimes more so, because they are made with natural ingredients, without all of the preservatives, in many store bought brand hair treatments. Store bought hair treatments, can leave your hair looking and feeling lackluster, with no shine or bounce.

Natural ingredients, like the egg, carry nutrients, that can make your hair healthy. The egg can be used as a conditioner, while the egg white can be used for oily hair, to make it clean and shiny. The oil has enzymes which take away the bacteria in your hair, leaving it naturally soft and clean to the touch. For dull hair, use sour cream and yogurt, which help to bring back your hair’s natural luster. Try lemon juice and olive oil in your hair for an itchy scalp.  The acid in the lemon juice, helps rid the hair, of any dry flakes, while the olive oil acts as a moisturizer, for your scalp.

Keep in mind that homemade hair treatments, contain natural ingredients and not preservatives, which can destroy the hair, and will leave your hair,looking and feeling healthy.  There are many homemade hair treatments out there. Take a poll of what your hair needs, as well  as the texture of your hair and then begin making homemade hair treatments, for invigoratingly, beautiful and healthy hair.