The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Skin

body  treatmentWhen we think about the tropics, we immediately think about the coconut. But did you know that the coconut and its oils, have benefits for your skin?  Use the  oil of the coconut for a great massage, that is soothing, with the great smell of the coconut.  And mix with sugar, to create a scrub, that can be used in the best spas.  Also, the coconut, allows you to stay in the sun longer, without experiencing sunburn.  Other uses for the coconut are that it can be a natural chap stick, for putting moisture back into your lips. Also, use as a nighttime facial, for leaving your skin, feeling and looking its best. The coconut oil also helps stretch marks after being pregnant, can be used as a basic lotion, and  as a cream, that is gentle enough to be rubbed on baby’s bottom.

There are so many benefits for coconut oil on the skin. Because it is natural and the oils of coconut, carry so many nutrients, rubbing it on your skin, will not only leave you moisturized, but leave you with key nutrients in the skin, that are needed to make it healthy.  Your skin will  glow with the benefits that are offered by coconut oil.  And because it is a natural base, there are no leftover masks, that may be harmful to your skin. The benefits of coconut oil for your skin are endless.  So try coconut oil for your skin, the next time you think about picking up a bottle of lotion, from a high end store.  You will fall in love with the coconut and its oils, as you find new and varying ways, to benefit your skin, with coconut oil.