Minus 417 Aromatic Body Peeling – Kiwi & Mango


minus 417 peeling kiwi mangoThe Minus 417 Aromatic Body Peeling is a gentle way to rejuvenate your skin. The Kiwi and Mango peel has a light scent that will help take you away to a tropical paradise. As you help your skin, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed.

The Aromatic Body Peeling is based on microscopic grains of Dead Sea salt. This salt is well known for its rejuvenating properties. The peel uses the Dead Sea salts to help you exfoliate the dead skin on your body, allowing the more lively skin cells to thrive. This helps to encourage healthy, silky skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Horse chestnut, an extract known for its great toning properties, has also been included in this cleansing formula. This helps to promote healthy, younger-looking skin. You’ll also be able to get an even look to your skin, improving its overall appearance.

This great peel offers thorough cleansing action, making it the perfect choice for anyone trying to improve the condition of their skin. Your skin could look younger and fresher with the help of Minus 417 Aromatic Body Peeling.