Moisture In The Minus 417 Toner

The Minus 417 Dead Sea Moist Balance Toner is a decent price at under $20 and it lasted me for a very long time. I used mine every day and I was able to get a couple months out of it, that is really economically beneficial to me as a beauty product. It works great and it’s a cheap price so I will definitely be buying more of this stuff. I tell my friends about this toner and they have also given it a go and like it also. I use the day cream after I finish washing with toner because I want to restore my face and the moisture. I have really sensitive skin and this toner I found didn’t dry it out, it wasn’t too harsh for my face and that’s what I like.

I prefer to sick with the Minus 417 line because they haven’t come out with one bad product yet that I have tried from them. This toner is one of the better ones that I have tried, it’s a great price, and it leaves my skin feeling great. For restoring moisture and repairing the face, this toner is a must have for anyone concerned with their beauty and health. It’s a wonderful and natural product that you will be raving about to your friends in no time.