Get A Face Lift At Home

I don’t have the time or the money really to go to the spa and get facials done, so I was really pleased when someone recommend that I try the Minus 417 Dead Sea Time Recovery Facial Active Serum. My skin is really dry and I needed something that was going to restore some of the moisture and repair the damage that had been done.

417facialActive serum

This serum helps to rejuvenate your skin cells, firming your skin and making it feel smooth and silky. It’s a moderately priced beauty product that gives you results similar to those you would find from a high-priced facial, it’s a wonderful product that I use on a daily basis. My skin is glowing now and feels great, I get so many people asking what I use or what I have had done because they say it looks fantastic. I love the Minus facial serum, I can feel my skin tightening and it smells great, small and easy to carry around in my purse. I recommend it to all of my female friends, I have even gifted it to some. This is definitely one of the better facial products that I have ever used.