For Truly Needy Skin

Some days my skin is just so needy. It feels like all that weather – the sun, the wind, the rain even gentle, fragrant breezes and sweet, lively dew strikes it like acid tears and I can’t wait to get home and use my Minus 417 Dead Sea Catharsis Skin Relief. And don’t even get me started on all the indoor challenges my face skin, well, faces.

417 skin relief

I hate to think what all the cheap carpet particles and aggressive cleaning products used on every surface might be doing to my skin; some days even the fluorescent lights feel like they are piercing through my tender dermis right down to the bone. Luckily, whether it was an outdoor day or one where I never ventured out at all, I can always rely on Minus 417 Dead Sea Catharsis Skin Relief Cream to coat my skin in that sweet cool relief for which it is renown.