One Of The Better Soaps

Minus 417 Rich Mineral Sea Soap is one of the best soaps that I have ever used. I spend a lot of time outside so my face can easily get damaged by the wind, sun, and a variety of other environmental factors. It is important to me that I try to take good care of my face, skin, and body. I trust the Minus 417 line, they haven’t disappointed me yet and I have tried many of their products. My boyfriend gave me the mineral dead sea soap for Christmas along with some of their other products and I really like it. I use it almost every day when I take my baths and I have had several compliments from people asking me what I use because they admire the softness of my skin. I have problems with dry skin sometimes so this one was really natural and soft for my difficult skin. I like the Minus 417 products and this one smelled great too.
I don’t like using just any old soap on my face because I think it’s the most important aspect of the body so I try to take extra good care of it and not slap any old chemical-filled product on it daily. I have had sound results with this soap and I will return for the natural ingredients that they prefer to use in their line of body care items.